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Founded in 2015; ODF Group was born from a passion to see quality and ecofriendly construction in affordable, healthy and professionally developed manner.

ODF Group is a team of professionals , who are specialized in designing and delivery of different types of Pre-engineered buildings which is the next level of construction in India. We have specially trained designers to technicians who works closely with the clients, to fulfill their projects. We have done projects in different parts of South India.

ODF Group delivers projects customized as per the client requirements, which is the first in India. ODF Group have designed and developed various challenging prefab structures according to client requirements in different terrains.

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Message From Founder
and Managing Partner

"Professional prefab construction Organization Engineered for Today's Economic Reality: Delivering the latest technology in construction professionally with a thought for the future".
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Benefits Over Other Building

Latest Technology

We develop modern and advanced technology building solution of developed countries that are stronger, smarter and faster than conventional building techniques.
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Strong & Durable

ODF offers LGS buildings that are meant to stand the test of time than other pre fabricated buildings.
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Faster Construction

Using ODF construction you’ll slash building time considerably and complete the project sooner as there won’t be any issues like labor, water shortage, electricity etc.
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